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Jun 23, 2015

131st Annual Meeting

AmeetCome for an evening of recognition of officers, trustees, and honoring staff and volunteers. Complimentary dessert reception.

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Clergy Confessional

Clergy Confessional, Saturday, May 23, 7 PM
Do your clergy wrestle with the same issues with prayer that you do? Come take part in a thought-provoking conversationcler.

Get fed and get your questions answered. Blintz dinner. Panel discussion. Ice Cream Bar. Late night study with Rabbi Weininger.

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Latest News

A word from Adath President, Chris Kellogg

In spring the synagogue president’s thoughts turn to… budgeting, as May is when we finalize our budget for the next fiscal year. Budgeting is a rigorous process at Adath, where we have strong fiscal oversight in place to protect our financial health. In March the Adath Board examined our fiscal oversight structure and budgeting process….

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Service Schedule

Shabbat Bamidbar

shabbat80x80May 22-23

6:00 PM   Friday Evening
9:30 AM   Morning Service
7:00 PM   Shabbat Mincha
Daily Minyan
Mornings: Mon-Fri:  7:20 AM Sundays: 9:30 AM Afternoons: Mon-Thu & Sun: 5:45 PM